Lingenfelter Twin Turbo GMC Sonoma
Years 2000
Curb Weight 3,831 Lbs.
Base Price $132,000
Drivetrain Front / AWD
Engine 7.0L Turbocharged v 8 (gasoline)
Power 700hp (522.2kW) @ 5000 rpm
650lb-ft (877.5Nm) @ 4700 rpm
Performance 0-60: 2.9sec.
1/4mile: 10.800

The Details

Vehicle: ’01 GMC S-15

Owner: John Lingenfelter

Engine: 427ci LS1-based small-block; 4.125-inch bore, 4-inch stroke; GMPP C5-R race block ; Lunati 4340 steel crank rods; JE pistons, 8.4:1 compression; LPE ported LQ4 truck heads, 2.02-/1.55-inch valves; LPE GT-2 hyd. roller camshaft; 205/212 degrees duration @ 0.050; 0.537-inch lift w/1.7:1 factory roller rockers; GM coil-on-plug ignition; Custom stainless, thick-wall 1-5/8-inch headers; Two, Garret ball bearing GT28 turbochargers; One Garret air-to-air intercooler; Be Cool aluminum radiator w/twin Spal fans; Camaro front accessory drive; Factory LS6 composite intake manifold; Engine built by LPE

Drivetrain: GM 4l60-E four-speed overdrive automatic; Yank 2,800-rpm torque converter; 3.42:1 gear ratios front and rear

Chassis: Stock S-15 frame; Front brakes: 12.5-inch rotor, Baer caliper; Rear brakes: 11.6-inch drilled rotor; Factory four-wheel disc brakes

Wheels: Chrome Corvette ZO6 wheels from Mid-America; Front: 17x9.5, P275/40ZR17; Rear: 18x10.5, P295/35ZR18; BFGoodrich KD tires; Cranberry red paint

Body: Engine radiator relocated to truck bed; Fabricated aluminum cooling lines and radiator mount; Cab floor raised to clear engine and trans; Carbon-fiber bed cover; Moroso battery relocation kit

Interior: Stock GMC S-15 interior

Performance: Best pass: 10.48/132.15 on 82-degree F day; 1.58-second 60-foot time; 0-100 mph in 6.36 seconds; 0-60 mph in 2.63 seconds; 1.4-g peak acceleration

Source: Chevy High Performance

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