Motor Trend claims they were able to produce a super quick 4.4 second 0-60 mph time from a 2008 regular cab Toyota Tundra fitted with a factory approved and warrantied Toyota Racing Development supercharger and a handful of other factory approved TRD parts. If the 0-60 time is legit it would be amazing considering the truck weighs over 5000 lbs in two wheel drive trim.

Modifications to the 5.7 liter V8 include a TRD East Twin Vortices roots type supercharger set to 8.5 lbs of boost, a water to air intercooler, upgraded fuel injectors and fuel pump, TRD designed performance air intake system, iridium spark plugs and a good engine tune. The mods bump up the stock 381 horsepower/401 pounds feet of torque to 504 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 550 pounds feet of torque.

The Tundra’s sub 5 second time would make it every bit as quick as a GMC Syclone and quicker than the Dodge Ram SRT-10, Ford Lightning and Holden HSV Maloo although it wouldn’t qualify as a HPT “Factory Fighter” since the Tundra didn’t come off the assembly line with the TRD mods. (See: Factory Fighters) ran the same exact Tundra at Irwindale, CA several months ago and recorded an 1/8 mile time of 9.07 seconds at 81.16 mph. Based on that result we figure somewhere in the 5 second range is a more realistic 0-60 time, impressive regardless for such a heavy truck with an obvious traction handicap.

Source: Motor Trend