Kei trucks are ubiquitous in rural Japan and many farmers rely upon these little workhorses for various jobs around the farm. However, some crazy owners have looked beyond their utilitarian purpose and converted them into racers instead.

The image to the left is an example of automotive gene splicing that’s probably the result of a Subaru enthusiast with an obsession for rallying and the luxury of having way too much money and free time (click on the image to see the rest of the gallery).

The owner of this Subaru Sambar kei truck went to great lengths to combine the best of both performance and utility by dolling it out in full 2008 WRC livery including integrated roll cage, WRC spec rear wing, roof ventilation scoop, roof mount camera, Prodrive wheels, bulging front and rear “Impreza-like” fender flares.

Although the WRC kei truck may live its existence solely as poser, the Suzuki kei truck depicted in the image at below right is a purpose built drift machine and has been completely modified for drifting including roll cage, modified suspension and it’s engine is turbocharged.

Check out a couple of videos below of this little Kei drift truck in action spinning it’s little wheels.

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Click to see Video